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10 shoe care tips that can make your shoes last longer

Buying a lot of shoes can be very easy but to make your shoes last longer is the main goal. A lot of times we love a pair of shoes that we never want to throw it away. For such reasons, people are in search of shoe care products online.

Therefore, if you want to know the 10 shoe care tips that can make your shoes last longer then keep reading.

Top shoe cleaner tips to make your shoe last longer

Some of the top-ten shoe cleaner tips to make your favorite pair of shoes last longer are specified in detail below.

1. Choose the right size

choosing the right size is very important since forcing your foot in a small-sized shoe can be quite troubling and the shoe can break out quickly.

2. Wear them for short intervals

It is important to try on your shoes from time to time for short periods. This can make your shoe more comfortable and will fit you ideally as well.

3. Avoid water exposure

Regardless of the quality of the leather, it can still be affected by excessive water exposure. Hence, it is important to avoid your shoes from getting near the water.

4. Remove your shoes not kick

Another common practice we all do is to remove shoes by kicking them off. Instead, make sure to use your hands to remove them.

5. Clean them on a regular basis

Cleaning your shoes with a dry cloth every day can keep the dust off and make your shoes appear much shiner.

6. Wait for shoes to dry off

If your shoes are taking long enough to dry then wait patiently. Never blow air drier or artificial dryers since the heat can damage the shoe.

7. Keep shoes in the right place

Keeping shoes in the right place is important. Make sure to store your shoes where there is mild temperature and free of dust. Storing shoes in dark places is also preferred since exposure to the sun can harm the shoes too.

8. Use cleaning kits

To make your shoes clean as a pro then use shoe care products online like timberland shoe cleaning kit. Timberland shoe cleaning kit has everything to help you clean your shoe like a professional.

9. Wear the right pair of socks

Yes, it is important to wear the right pair of socks that can absorb sweat and keep the insides of the shoe dry and moisture-free. Hence, make sure to wear socks that are made from a breathable material like spandex, Nylon, and natural cotton.

10. Use idea shoe polish

Polishing your shoe is also very important. You can buy shoe polish online that is easy to use and does not make the shoe dull. Thereby, be certain to buy shoe polish online that promises to keep your pair of shoes shiny and glistening to make them appear brand-new.


While buying shoes in retail shops or online shopping uae, make sure to go through the above-mentioned guide and this will help you saving money and long last your shoes more year.

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