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Basketball player is dribbling on the basketball court.

All sports experienced a difficult season in 2020-2021. Timetables were thrown for a loop as a result of an unprecedented year. While other leagues struggled to adjust to the upset, the NBA handled it rather naturally. We had a concentrated Petrie dish for analyzing players’ style last season since they lived inside the NBA bubble for most of the year. Hopefully, the NBA 2021-2022 season will see the best basketball shoes on the market.

Even on-court drip didn’t slow, as walk-ins were more popular than ever. The basketball shoes industry has never seen such growth as it does now as the National Basketball Association season prepares to begin again with regular programming following last season’s 72 games.

Our research has spanned the Internet, read reviews from hundreds of bloggers, and rounded up the top basketball shoes in UAE. Our selection for the top basketball shoes of 2022-2023 looks beyond style to take into account fit, technology, quality (and a little bit of style), and traction as well. This shoe collection was selected from the UAE market. From the specific site, you can order online and it will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

This season, you should only wear these basketball shoes on the court in UAE

  1. Trae Young 1 Shoes from Adidas

There will be a new signature shoe from Trae Young in 2021-2022, which is exciting news for basketball shoe enthusiasts.

  1. Dame 8 from Adidas

The name of every NBA superstar appears on the best basketball shoes today. Damian Lillard’s Adidas Dame 8, taking over for the fan-favourite Dame 7, has just taken the market by storm. To reduce the use of virgin materials, the shoe is made from production waste. The Dame 8 features A dual-density cushioning system called Bounce Pro throughout to maintain the lightweight and quick response of the Dame 7.

  1. Men’s Adidas Harden Vol.6 Shoes

A tribute to a current star of the league: The Beard. A signature shoe for James Harden must be versatile enough to accommodate his long-range game and his under-the-rim game, as his long-range game complements his under-the-rim play equally. This Harden Vol.6 features a Boost midsole for maximum responsiveness, ensuring a quick reaction time. The shoe’s forefoot and heel bands provide comfort and secure a snug fit.

  1. Men’s Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue 3

ADIDAS & DONOVAN MITCHELL PRESENT THEIR LATEST WORK. adidas Basketball’s newest signature sneakers feature Donovan Mitchell’s journey from the playground to stardom. Determination Over Negativity is the key to greatness in the D.O.N. Issue #3.

  1. Nike Air Jordan XXXVI ‘Psychic Energy

Air Jordan embodies the legacy of innate greatness passed down through 35 models. From its inception, Air Jordan has carried out a tradition of innate greatness. And while every model has a purpose and informs the next, MJ’s first championship was won in the Jordan VI, which he wore in 1991. The Air Jordan XXXVI ‘Psychic Energy’ pays homage to that shoe and that championship. This shoe is also a tribute to Jordan’s legacy and ability to perceive the world beyond the ordinary.

  1. Nike Air Jordan XXXV ‘Centre of Gravity

As with its predecessors, the Air Jordan XXXV pushes basketball sneaker limits. As a nod to the original Air Jordan 5, the XXXV colourway builds upon the design of the XXXIV. As you control the game, the AJXXXV ‘Center of Gravity’ helps you keep your balance when you’re on the court and when you’re flying through the air.

  1. Nike LeBron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

It makes sense that LeBron would want to feel quicker since he spends less time in the paint and more time at the point. Designed specifically for fast, strong players like LeBron, his 19th signature shoe allows him to feel contained, while also offering a lower, lighter design.

  1. Nike KD14

Kevin Durant lurks on the wing, ready to slash through defences when the opportunity presents itself. A versatile player like KD needs a shoe that will keep them feeling fresh all game long. Full-length cushioning and soft foam return energy for durable performance with a midfoot strap that reduces movement inside your shoes.

  1. NewBalance KAWHI II

The KAWHI II is designed with NBA Finals MVP and two-time NBA Champion Kawhi Leonard in mind. It utilizes New Balance’s performance technologies to give athletes the ultimate playing experience. Featuring a FuelCell midsole for ultimate energy return and lightweight support, these men’s basketball shoes ensure explosive gameplay. With cutting, jumping and stability in mind, Kawhi has a new full-length performance plate specifically designed for him. With a lightweight, almost see-through mesh upper that is woven with fibres to give it greater support and lockdown, Fit Weave Lite is engineered to provide a secure fit. Kawhi’s hand clutching the shoe is reflected in the outsole, upper detailing and midsole.

  1. New Balance Men’s Two WXY

The TWO WXY is built for unbound players whose style of play is no longer defined by positions. It’s a shoe that excels in both speed and agility, both on and off the court. Suitable for transitions between offence and defence and offence and defence again. Playmaker of today’s positionless game, the TWO WXY excels in versatility.

  1. REEBOK Men’s Shaqnosis Basketball Shoe

  1. Puma MB.01 Galaxy Basketball Shoes

A true otherworldly, LaMelo Ball proves it once again with MB.01 Galaxy. With fluorescent pops of colour accenting a galactic graphic, Melo’s latest addition to the stellar PUMA Hoops line captures the spirit of this classic NBA era. A space-age basketball shoe with a bold co-branding aesthetic and NITRO foam uses astronomical aesthetics to reinvent the way we think about basketball. Wear MB.01 apparel that coordinates with your cosmic-inspired look.

With NITRO foam throughout the midsole, the shoe is extremely responsive and comfortable, while remaining light and flexible.

GRIP: The engineered nonslip rubber compound is ideal for quick cuts and spots up jumps due to its full coverage and enhanced durability.

FIT: A breathable mono mesh upper constructed to provide support while remaining light.

  1. Puma RS-DREAMER Basketball Shoes

Dream big and don’t let yourself sleep on them. We can’t thrive without them. As a celebration of J. Cole and others’ dream-chasing spirit, we released new RS-DREAMER colourways. A pair of kicks that appeals to the street and court alike. The RS series features bold elements in a street and court ready design. We are proud to release this drop to remind everyone to never stop striving for their highest potential as the DREAMER franchise continues to make strides as a provider of services for athletes and dreamers worldwide.

  1. Puma Court Rider Summer Days Basketball Shoes

Get the shoes that will improve your game this summer when you hit the court. As you walk (or run) on air in the midsole, thanks to a full-length Rider foam engineered especially for basketball, you will feel like you are floating on air. Meanwhile, the rubber outsole offers you an abrasion-resistant, sticky material that will give you a firm grip on the ground so you can make your opponents’ jaws drop. Let’s play.

Product Details

  1. Under Armour Unisex Curry Flow 9 Basketball Shoes

These shoes are unlike anything you’ve ever felt. They’re light and ridiculously grippy since UA Flow Basketball Shoes are rubberless. The Warp upper locks you in like a mini seatbelt. Both control and speed are maximized. Features

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Unisex UA Spawn 4 Basketball Shoes

With its ability to handle long tournament days, long playoff runs, and anything else in between, the Spawn 4 can take on any challenge. You can wear this shoe on any court because it’s lightweight, breathable, and strong.

All Star BB EVO NBA jam

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Midsole with NIKE Reacts technology for superior cushioning, range of motion, and responsiveness. OrthoLite sock liner for added comfort; personal lace system for a customized fit. Energy return is enhanced with a reverse power plate. Forefoot and heel Zoom airbags cushion the impact with each step. The rubber outsole provides grip and traction in all directions.

  1. Nike Men’s Kyrie 7

  1. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Running Shoe

  1. Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 3 Shoe

  1. NIKE Men’s PG 5 Basketball Shoe


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