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Men’s Trail Running Shoes for 2022: The 10 Best Pairs

One size does not fit all when it comes to buying running shoes. You need to decide whether you plan to do most of your running on roads or on dirt surfaces. Then, you need to decide what type of shoes are appropriate for your stride and style. Road running shoes and trail running shoes are two totally different things.

The soles of street running shoes are typically more cushioned, so they aren’t built for grip on loose or soft ground. They are designed for pavement and concrete, so they tend to be more cushioned. As opposed to road running shoes, trail running shoes are made to run on different types of trails and terrain types. They offer additional grip and protection against dirt and rocks.

The type of trail you run on and the kind of support you require are factors to consider when buying a pair of trail running shoes. To prevent debris from getting into your shoes, you should look for rock plates and toe guards, strong rubber outsoles that provide grip and durability, and uppers made of sturdy materials that can handle trail wear. Below is a list of our top ten picks for trail running shoes, including fast shoes, waterproof shoes, cushioned shoes, and long-distance shoes.

The Best Trail Running Shoes for Men in 2022


1. Men’s UA HOVRTM Phantom 2

 2. Men’s UA HOVRTM Machina 3

      3. Optimus Peregrine 12 GTX

Trail runners are likely to encounter mud and water at some point. In the Peregrin by Saucony, GORE-TEX              technology protects your feet from rain, stream crossings, mud, and everything else in between. The cushioned sockliner and rock plate provide maximum comfort, while the outsole offers plenty of traction to help you tackle slippery surfaces with ease.

      4. Speedgoat 5 by Hoka

 This lightweight, comfortable trail shoe provides a great deal of traction on a wide variety of terrains, making it a  smart choice for hiking and running trails. This version offers enhanced protection from rocks, roots, and trail debris with the protective toe cap and double-layer mesh upper, as well as a lighter midsole compound. In short,      the Speedgoat is a reliable trail running shoe that offers comfort and protection while maintaining speed and responsiveness. 

5.Catamount Brooks

A smart choice for trail riding and commuting on the pavement, the Catamount can handle it all. Due to their low profile, these shoes also perform well on paved surfaces. Thanks to its wide-spaced tread pattern, these shoes have excellent grip on slippery surfaces, uphills, and downhills. DNA Flash cushioning makes these shoes very comfortable. Nitrogen is infused in the foam, so it offers an additional energy return and weight savings, as well.


The Kailas Fuga Pro is a tough, rugged mountain bike that can handle tough trails despite its high price. On technical mixed terrain, the aggressive lug pattern on the Vibram Megagrip outsole provides dependable traction. The shoe is also equipped with a two-section tightening system that ensures maximum security and minimal pain during difficult descents.

7. Flight Vectiv by The North Face

Flight Vectiv shoes are designed for long-distance running, providing optimal energy return to keep you energized. The TPE footbed provides excellent responsiveness and cushioning. Moreover, a carbon fiber plate has been embedded within the sole for enhanced stability and added snap. The sole is also shaped like a rocker to help your stride move smoothly. Be sure to check the size chart when ordering online because these shoes run large.

8. Altra Timp 4

In terms of trail running shoes, Ultra is one of the top brands and the Timp 4 lives up to the brand’s reputation. This unique cushioning technology (also known as zero drops) promotes a more natural stride by keeping the forefoot and heel at an equal distance from the ground. A generously cushioned midsole offers an impressive level of impact protection, and the shoe conforms to your foot’s shape. There is plenty of traction on the MaxTrac outsole across a variety of terrains.

9. Arctic’teryx Norvan LD 3

Fast and far, the Norvan LD 3 is built to go the distance. The shoe’s lightweight design and minimalist style combine comfort, support, and durability, minimalist design. While a wide toe box allows you to splay your toes, the heel design absorbs impact to reduce impact forces. In wet or muddy conditions, the Vibram Megagrip outsole offers a sure grip.


10. Ultra Glide from Salomon

These Salomon Shoes are remarkably light while providing ample support and traction. With a 3D mesh upper that offers excellent breathability and a Profeel Film plate in the forefoot, rocks won’t poke their way up into your shoe. Instead of laces, Quicklace uses a cinched drawstring. This makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes, while SensiFit ensures a secure fit around the foot. You can use the Ultra Glide on wet or dry surfaces, dry or soft, so you can keep walking throughout the day. 


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