Most Iconic Gucci Bags Collections

It is an industry-leading brand with designs that are cult trends in the fashion industry and a name that dominates the global fashion industry. Gucci bags is much more than a brand. There is something about wearing a watch that defines luxury, elegance, and sophistication, and makes the wearer stand out from the crowd.

The Gucci Bags is a piece of functional style and class, made from fine quality leather and canvas. As if it weren’t enough, the signature bags for the House are another reason they exude confidence and empower anyone who carries them. This is no matter if it’s the house’s small shoulder bag, chic bucket bag, Gucci purse, or timeless beauty like the Gucci Jackie. Famous personalities have been credited with popularizing many of the iconic Gucci bags in the past.

It has consistently been Alessandro who has developed these iconic creations for the House. He has adapted them by adding new drama to capsule collections and even created a new line of Gucci bags. This maintains the heritage spirit while adding a touch of drama. Incorporating refined taste and panache, Gucci bags can be identified at a glance, so even a fleeting glance is enough to recognize their presence.

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Gucci bamboo bag

It’s like carrying a piece of history when you carry a Gucci bamboo bag. As raw materials became more difficult to acquire after the war, founder Guccio Gucci Bags found that Dubai bamboo would be a more convenient material to use. Handles could be made from it as it could be grown and imported easily.


The original 0633 bags were renamed to their current name by Lady Di, Grace Kelly, and others, soon becoming an unmissable fashion statement. A flawless brown shade is achieved by heating an unblemished bamboo cane, contouring it accordingly, and coating it with layers of lacquer

Designed by Alessandro, Gucci Bamboo is the result of that redesign. A signature line of the House, ‘Beloved,’ was reinvented with abstract prints, bright colors, and the House’s green and red straps.

Gucci Jackie bag


A tote bag with this design caught the eye of the fashion world in 1961 when Jackie was spotted carrying one. Afterward, she was honored with a rename of the bag.

There have been many redesigns and reinterpretations of the bag throughout Gucci’s history. The iconic bag was first designed by Tom Ford then it was redesigned under Frida Giannini in her ‘New Jackie’ collection, and most recently by Michele in her Fall/Winter 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection. In recent years, it has been renamed the Gucci Jackie.

Introducing soft pastels and an adjustable strap, Michele gave the bag a modern spin with a variety of soft pastel shades. Despite the gold buckle closure being the showpiece of the self-colored bag, thousands of abstract prints and designs have been introduced in recent years, such as the Gucci bags Aria collection, to suit the tastes of younger generations.

Gucci Dionysus bag

When Michele launched the Gucci Dionysus bag during the Gucci Bags Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear runway show, he really channeled his experience as the former head accessories designer at Gucci bags in order to create this standout bag. 


This briefcase is made out of a fine GG Supreme canvas that has been branded with the brand’s double G logo along with one of the brand’s most notable hardware elements – a horseshoe-shaped old metal clasp that is tipped with two tiger heads. A chariot drawn by tigers is said to have been drawn by the Greek God, Aphrodite, who according to legend rode a horse drawn by tigers.

The GG Beloved Line is a collection of bags in pastel colors, and bright colors, and the GG logo is printed all over the bag to give it a distinctive GG look that makes the bag part of the SS22 collection.

Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag

As a cult favorite, these Gucci Bags consists of elements from Gucci’s equestrian heritage and truly represent the brand’s fashion tradition as well as the brand’s heritage. Another one of Michele’s vintage bags with the addition of her modern creative touch is the Horsebit 1955. This bag features a gold double ring and bar clasp over the flap and is made from woven leather.


This timeless classic can be transformed into a bold statement when designed by Alessandro. This Gucci Gift product showcases white circles, colorful geometric patterns, and the overall dominance of the Gucci name on its canvas as part of the Gucci Gift campaign.

Gucci Marmont bag


Certainly one of the most versatile bags on the market is the Gucci Marmont bag. There are a wide variety of Marmont bags available, such as matelasse leather, quilted leather, crossbody flap bags, and bucket bags. Marmont bags have drawn the attention of several celebrities, including singer and songwriter IU, tennis player Serena and many more.

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